The North Dome Gas Field: Qatar’s Role in a Sustainable Future

The world's largest gas field is transforming Qatar's economy, but it could emit over 41 billion tons of carbon dioxide.



What should Qatar buy next?

Last year, The Guardian did a five-month investigation into “carbon bombs,” or fossil fuel projects that would, over the course of their life, emit over one billion tons of carbon. They found that there are 195 planned oil and gas carbon bombs around the world, and if they proceed as planned, these projects alone would blow past internationally agreed upon climate targets. For our thirteenth deep dive on carbon bombs, we take a look at the North Dome Gas Field: the world’s largest gas field located in northern Qatar, singlehandedly home to eleven carbon bomb projects that collectively could emit over 41 billion tons of carbon dioxide. But North Dome has a unique history, transforming Qatar from a largely impoverished nation to one with one of the highest GDPs per capita, rapidly blossoming education and tourism, and the home of global sporting competitions like 2022’s FIFA World Cup. Despite these exciting developments, the North Dome Gas Field does present challenges from an environmental, human rights, geopolitical, and even economic perspective. This week, we cover the issues facing the North Dome Gas Field, why Qatar has incentive to transition away from natural gas exports and diversify their economy, and what a sustainable and feasible path forward could look like. With special guest Dr. Geoff Harkness: Associate Professor of Sociology at Rhode Island College.

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Writers: Alia Bonanno, Owen Reith, Mo Polyak, Ethan Brown

Fact Checker: Ainsley Jane Tambling

Editor: Megan Antone

Producers: Ethan Brown, Hallie Cordingley, Megan Antone

Ad Voiceover: Mo Polyak

Music: Brett Sawka


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