Will Phasing “Down” Coal Lead To Different Results Than Phasing “Out” Coal?

The COP26 "Glasgow climate pact" was amended last minute to say phase DOWN coal rather than phase OUT coal. Does this word change matter?

Source: Pixabay

COP26 concluded with the adoption of the “Glasgow climate pact,” which was revised at the last minute due to demands from China and India to change the phrase “phase out coal” to “phase down coal,” which infuriated much of the rest of the world. But are the two phrases really that different? Will phasing “down” lead to a different outcome? Why would China and India make this demand? Ethan breaks all of this down in episode 2 of “Tip of the Iceberg.”

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Ethan Brown

Ethan is a recent graduate of Boston University from Bethel, Connecticut with a dual degree in Environmental Analysis & Policy and Film & Television.


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