Should Oil Companies Really Be Avoiding Lawsuits?

Oil companies are trying to avoid lawsuits for past malpractice. Ethan considers if deflecting is actually a good financial decision for them.

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Which TV courtroom would be the best suited for these oil company lawsuits?

Two lawsuits against a group of major oil companies have made news in the last couple weeks, both initiated by local governments alleging that these companies misrepresented and buried evidence for the climate damage that their products would cause. The oil companies have responded by essentially trying to move the lawsuits to other courtrooms. Environmentalists are frustrated by this tactic, but honestly, doesn’t it seem like oil companies are grasping at straws here? Ethan breaks down why these lawsuits might actually be shaping up well for environmentalists and gives a hot take on what might be a smarter strategy for oil companies who want to stay profitable in this week’s “Tip of the Iceberg.”

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Writers: Ethan Brown, Shannon Damiano, Maddy Schmidt
Editor: Frank Hernandez
Producers: Olivia Amitay, Ethan Brown, Megan Crimmins, Shannon Damiano, Frank Hernandez, Dain Kim, Caroline Koehl
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Ethan Brown

Ethan is a recent graduate of Boston University from Bethel, Connecticut with a dual degree in Environmental Analysis & Policy and Film & Television.


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