Vinyl Chloride: The Hazardous Chemical Released in Ohio’s Train Derailment

When Vinyl Chloride was spilled in Eastern Palestine, Ohio, it had drastic effects on human health. How can people stay protected moving forward?

Source: Mali Maeder

Vinyl Chloride

What's your favorite PVC Product?

Vinyl chloride is a manmade chemical primarily used to make PVC, which is found in a variety of everyday products, including cables, pipes, flooring, shoes, and credit cards. The chemical is linked to cancer, liver disease, and a variety of other human health impacts. In February, a Norfolk Southern train carrying vinyl chloride derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, resulting in 23,000 gallons of the chemical being released which caused air pollution, contaminated waterways, and harmed the health and environment of the surrounding community. Today, we explore what vinyl chloride is, why it’s so dangerous, and how we can protect ourselves moving forward. With special guest Dr. Juliane Beier: Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh.

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