What Is the Future of Skiing in a Warmer Climate?

In the U.S., ski and snowboarding resorts are a 3 billion dollar industry, and there are many incentives to ensuring their future prosperity.

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Skiing is a really popular sport around the world, with 6,116 ski resorts worldwide. In the United States, ski and snowboarding resorts are a 3 billion dollar industry. But due to climate change, winters are getting shorter and many regions are feeling a reduction in snowfall, putting ski resorts in a tricky situation. Artificial snowmaking has served as the primary adaptation for the time being, but this process requires massive amounts of energy, water, and money, which lead many to suggest it may not be a viable solution long-term. Today, we explore why climate change affects the ski industry, where snowmaking has presented challenges, and what the future of the ski industry can look like. With special guest Dr. Daniel Scott: Professor of Geography and Environmental Management at the University of Waterloo.

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