Wildfires Can Be Mitigated, Even in a Changing Climate

While wildfires are still blazing around the world, there are ways we can significantly reduce the risk of them.

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What would you wear facing the Canada wildfires?

Weeks of unprecedented wildfires across Canada have scorched millions of hectares, displaced over 100,000 people, and pushed the nation into a crisis as crews fight hundreds of blazes. Smoke from the fires also crossed the U.S. border into cities such as New York City and Detroit, and on June 7, New York City registered the worst air quality in the world. While orange skies and unbreathable air appeared nothing short of apocalyptic to many New Yorkers already anxious about climate change, it is essential to not lose sight of the fact that there are ways we can significantly reduce the risk of wildfires. Ethan gives a reprieve from the doom-and-gloom wildfire conversation and explores the many causes of wildfires, what solutions are in our toolbox, and how those solutions could be implemented politically in this week’s “Tip of the Iceberg.” The Sweaty Penguin is presented by Peril and Promise: a public media initiative from The WNET Group in New York, reporting on the issues and solutions around climate change. You can learn more at pbs.org/perilandpromise. Support the show and unlock exclusive merch, bonus content, and more for as little as $5/month at patreon.com/thesweatypenguin.


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