What Are the Pros and Cons of Solar Geoengineering?

Could spraying aerosols or launching space mirrors to block out sunlight be part of a climate solution? Experts couldn't be more divided.

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What's your favorite way to block out the Sun?

More than 60 experts, including several past guests on The Sweaty Penguin, made headlines last week for signing a letter that encourages the international community to adopt a non-use agreement for solar geoengineering—a set of technologies that aim to reflect or block out a fraction of the sunlight hitting the Earth in order to artificially cool the climate. But given the urgency of climate change, why do these experts want to take a potential solution off the table? Today, we explore what solar geoengineering could accomplish at its best, what some of solar geoengineering’s (arguably insurmountable) challenges would be, and what comes next for this technology. With special guest Dr. Elizabeth Chalecki: Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Nebraska Omaha.

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